Cross Cardio teaches trainers how to teach as well as the technique of teaching fundamental exercises through different types of training sessions, each with its own level of intensity for each single student, whether beginner or advanced.

Cross Cardio focuses on what Jairo has always taught both in his training courses and to his private clients: “The individual’s global improvement.”

It’s a functional cardiovascular training method aiming to change the body’s metabolism so as to get visible physiological results starting from the concept that strength starts from the center and moves outwards.

The cardiovascular training is made up of callisthenic exercises set to the beat of music and it is this that determines the level of difficulty and the intensity of the first part of the lesson (cardio).

The second part of the training session is inspired by a series of different weight lifting, gymnastic and metabolic exercises.





This is Cross Cardio

Why choose Cross Cardio?

These characteristics make Cross Cardio different from any other kind of training:

  1. Any group level can do it.
  2. t really is for everyone.
  3. It’s a simple way to totally improve the client.
  4. It respects the client’s individuality in improving their body.

Time Line

Cross Cardio was first introduced to the public at Rimini Wellness 2015, since when it has been used in gyms and clubs in Italy, Switzerland and Brazil. We continually get requests from other countries too, such as GB, France, Spain, Belgium, and Argentina.

  1. End of 2016Clubs on Inghilterra, Belgio e Argentina
  2. TodayClubs on Italia, Svizzera e Brasile
  3. Maggio 2015Official presentation: Rimini Wellnes