Join the Cross Cardio Community and get the following advantages.


What is the community?

The community exists to help all Cross Cardio trainers in their own personal growth. Its goal is to make the brand a household name,thus creating more work for trainers and to reach this goal we need your support as well as the support of all those who believe in “Cross Cardio Culture”.

A united Cross Cardio Community of trainers and clients will make the fitness world a better place for health and personal wellbeing.

It’s a priority to support our Cross Cardio trainers: the Community is here to let you study and improve, not only at a technical level but also as regards marketing and communication, not to mention our great discounts on training and Cross Cardio events during the year.


The real advantages of being a Community member:

  • VIDEO GALLERY  with Cross Cardio DEMOS;
  • WOD GALLERY where you can access all the Wods  with the material necessary to prepare your monthly Cross Cardio lessons;
  • 20% discount on Cross Cardio training courses to keep you up to date or access a higher  level
  • Become an “Album Trainer” with your own trainer profile, location, lessons, videos and photos of your own lessons; 
  • Up to date free Marketing Material to hand(event brochures and posters, social sharing photos and personalised business cards);
  • On-line discount on Cross Cardio merchandise (see the members’ page).


What are you waiting for?